ADAMO Table Top Fridge White with Lock


Available to End Users

Glass Shelf - BL50C-001

Door Shelf Small - BL50C-002

Door Shelf Large- BL50C-003

White Door - BL50C-004

Door Hinges - BL50C-004

Door Gasket - BL50C-006


Available to Professionals

Thermostat - BL50C-007

Temperature Sensor - BL50C-008

Printed Circuit Board - BL50C-009

Power Cable - BL50C-010


ADAMO Table Top Fridge Black with Lock


Available to End Users

Glass Shelf - BL50CBL-001

Door Shelf Small - BL50CBL-002

Door Shelf Large- BL50CBL-003

Black Door - BL50CBL-004

Door Hinges - BL50CBL-005

Door Gasket - BL50CBL-006


Available to Professionals

Thermostat - BL50CBL-007

Temperature Sensor - BL50CBL-008

Printed Circuit Board - BL50CBL-009

Power Cable - BL50CBL-010


ADAMO 18 Bottle Wine Chiller with Temp. Control


Available to End Users

Glass Door - JC50-001

Door Hinges - JC50-002

Wire Shelf - JC50-003

Wire Basket - JC50-004

Door Gasket - JC50-005


Available to Professionals

Thermostat - JC50-006

Temperature Sensor - JC50-007

Printed Circuit Board - JC50-008

Power Cable - JC50-009

LED Lights - JC50-010

LED Variable Temp. Panel - JC50-011


ADAMO Black Table Top Fridge with Glass Door


Available to End Users

Glass Door - SC50-001

Glass Shelf - SC50-002

Door Hinges - SC50-003

Door Gasket - SC50-004


Available to Professionals

Thermostat - SC50-005

Temperature Sensor - SC50-006

Printed Circuit Board - SC50-007

LED Lights - SC50-008

Power Cable - SC50-009



ADAMO Table Top Freezer


Available to End Users

White Door - BD40F-001

Wire Shelf - BD40F-002

Storage Tray - BD40F-003

Door Hinges - BD40F-004

Door Gasket - BD40F-005


Available to Professionals

Thermostat - BD40F-006

Temperature Sensor - BD40F-007

Printed Circuit Board - BD40F-008

Power Cable - BD40F-009


    Please allow 3-5 days for delivery

    Please contact us below regarding ordering a spare part for your Adamo Fridge or Freezer.
    *please note some internal parts are only available to registered and insured appliance engineers.